Don't Tell Me Gold & Silver Can't Be Friends.

A client recently came to me with a huge design dilemma:

We were designing her kitchen and she had fallen in love with matte black handles for her cabinets. She has also found a chrome kitchen faucet that she loved - but how could both of those things ever work with her stainless steel sink and appliances?!

My response: Do it. It will look awesome.

Variety is the spice of life! We've all heard this before - and I am very pleased to tell you that silver, gold, brass, bronze, and copper can happily cohabitate in any room! And if it's done correctly it can add just the right amount of personality and character!

Once you get into designing a home, it can be very easy to get engrossed in making sure everything matches - this limits your creative thinking. Design is not about matching. Design is about complimenting.

Nothing warms up a gray wall like hanging gorgeous antique gold and bronze picture frames. Hang industrial copper pendant lights in the middle of a modern kitchen full of chrome hardware - Why you ask? Well, why not?

Check out the pictures below and see which metal combinations are your favorite!

So are you loving mixed metals?? Let me in the comments below!




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