White is ALWAYS a Good Idea.



There are two types of people in the world:

Type #1. Those who think white is too sterile. They tend to find it boring or impersonal.

Type #2: Those who love white so much they would probably paint everything white given the chance.


Yes, I am a huge supporter of white in case you hadn't guessed (You're shocked, I'm sure) and therefore fall into Type #2. If you've seen any of my designs, I tend to always incorporate white in some way or another - whether it be white walls, a white kitchen, maybe a white light fixture - I always insert it in there somewhere.







I believe white leaves room for creativity. Think of it as a blank canvas or empty page - white walls become the backdrop for whatever it is you want to create. Try painting the walls in your home office or craft space and see if you feel inspired!


I also love that white lets you experiment with colour. Are you a huge fan of dynamic artwork, vibrant throw pillows or colourful rugs? White walls give you the freedom to add colour and pattern however and wherever you want! You also have the ability to change things up when you want to without having to repaint your entire space. The other nice aspect of white is that it is a classic look that will always be in style. A room that is painted white will never feel dated.






Am I trying to make everyone love white? As glorious as I think that would be, no I am not. I do believe it should be given a fair chance though - same as any other colour would have! So the next time you reach for a paint brush & paint can to give your space a lift, even if you entertain the idea of white for 2 seconds, I will be more than happy to know that you gave white a thought!

So where do you stand on this whole white thing? Love it? Hate it? In between?? Let me know in the comments below!



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