That Nordic Look

Are you falling in love with the simple, calm, and cool features of Scandinavian style? This Nordic look is getting more and more popular everyday as it’s based around function and uncluttered design. One of the most prominent features of Scandinavian style is its use of natural, light coloured wood flooring.

One of the main goals of Nordic design is maximizing light – pale, light wood does this beautifully. Floor colour has a huge impact on any space and when you’re trying to make a room appear larger and spacious, light wood is the perfect tool.

Light flooring also opens you up to tons of wall colour possibilities! The room becomes the perfect backdrop for dramatic blacks, grays, and navies. Or if you love the feeling of bright, neutral spaces, pick a light grey or white to emphasize the room shape and size.


If you’re worried about your space looking too cold, add texture to relax and warm up the space. Items like woven rugs, blankets, plants, metallic light fixtures, colourful artwork, etc will all work together to make your room feel more homey!

Would you go for pale wood flooring in your home? Or do you prefer dark hardwood?



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