Brown VS. Grey


Whenever I meet with clients, the first thing I’ll ask them is this: “Do you prefer brown or grey?”. I find that nearly all projects need a neutral colour that works as a general backdrop. This colour will steer the direction of their design concept. Everyone tends to gravitate towards one neutral more than the other. Selecting a neutral doesn’t mean we won’t use other colours in the space, it just means the design will have a neutral tone to anchor the overall look.


Brown versus grey is a constant ongoing debate in the design world. Fans of brown find it’s warmth inviting, but it often gets a bad rap by those who label it as dull or boring. Brown gives a natural quality and adds a human touch not found in colder colours. Although it can come off as being traditional, ultimately brown pairs incredibly well with stronger, saturated colours creating a gorgeous colourful space. 



Grey lovers desire the simplicity of a colourless colour. There is always a fear that if you pick grey your space will translate as cold or dreary - but I want to emphasize that not all greys are cold! Greys come in so many different tones and I can guarantee that there are plenty of shades out there that can warm up your space! And of course, the best thing about grey is that it pairs well with anything – and by anything, I mean ANYTHING. It is truly the most neutral hue possible!


People’s preference for brown or grey tends to trump trends but one is always more trendier than the other, depending on time and place. But no matter which one is most popular at the time, brown and grey will always outlast any design trend!

So which one do you choose? I’d love to know what your preference is! Take a look at the pictures and comment below!



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