Neutral Navy

Navy is known as being the darkest blue and it gets its name from the uniforms of the British Royal Navy. It’s a wonderfully versatile colour that works in every style of décor. Because of this, it’s getting a reputation for being a new version of neutral. Whether you incorporate navy with bold patterns or as a background dancer for metallics and bright colours, it will always be there to elevate your design!

Here are some great ways to use navy in your décor:






1. PATTERN: Draw attention with exciting patterns! Use funky wallpaper, throw pillows, rugs, or linens to bring a touch of life to your space!









2. TEXTURE: Use different types of navy fabrics to give the feeling of luxury and elegance.







3. METALLICS: Metallic colours look amazing when paired with navy blue. They add glamour and sophistication to any room.







4. POPS OF COLOUR: Use navy as a beautiful backdrop to anchor your look and add pops of vibrant hues to make the space feel fun and playful. Blankets, pillows, paintings, and lighting are great way to bring in exciting colour!

5. WHITE: When it comes to navy, white can be your best friend. Why not pair a classic neutral with a new upcoming neutral? If you're looking for a beautiful clean, crisp, nautical look, pair white and navy together!




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