It’s really amazing how many things we are able to carry in and out through the doorway of a home. Clothes, bags, mail, sports gear, groceries, etc all come and go on a regular basis. It’s also amazing how if we’re not careful, life’s daily comings and goings can leave a disorganized mess throughout your entire home – especially around the main entrance.

Besides the kitchen, a mudroom is one of the most used areas in a home – a family launch pad, if you will. It’s a place where all necessities for heading out the front door can be located in one central convenient spot. Mudrooms help us transition from our outside daily activities to the comfort of our home – especially in the winter season. Winter weather really shows what a home’s entryway is made of. Without proper storage and function, your main entrance can look like a disorganized garage sale! 

Try playing up your mudroom by hanging a funky light fixture, painting a fun colour on the walls, or using trendy coat hangers and baskets for storage! Your mudroom is all about function – but it’s also your greeting into your home, so the more organized and good-looking it is, the better you will feel after a long day!

Take a look at these inviting mudrooms that have great organization and look pretty stylish as well!




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