The World's Ugliest Colour


Check out Pantone 448C. Do you like it? Do you hate it?? 


Over the past few months there has been great debate over Pantone 448C or Opaque Couché (as is its official name). This all came about when a research company was tasked to find a colour to put on the Australian government’s plain cigarette packaging to deter people from buying cigarettes. Since this idea has become a big hit, the UK, Ireland, and France are looking at partaking as well.

So is the colour really that bad? Sure, when it’s on a pack of cigarettes it might look vaguely like sludge. But when found in nature, fashion, or interior design, I find it to be pretty darn stunning.

I don’t feel any colour deserves to be labeled “the ugliest” - simply because I believe that every colour has epic amounts of potential. For example, when I look at Pantone 448C, I see a deep, rich, earth tone that would be an awesome colour for a military style jacket, a cute throw pillow, or a dramatic wallpaper.

Here are some examples of Pantone 448C out in the world doing its thing. 



Still think it’s ugly?

I don't mind it at all! What do you think?



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