Colourful Front Doors


I have clients come to me on a regular basis looking for a way to add a punch of colour to their exterior without having to do anything drastic with their siding. One of the most impactful and budget-friendly changes you can make to your home is adding a few coats of paint to your front door! It’s the ideal place to feature a vibrant colour and add interest to the front of your house without competing with the rest of the exterior.

Think of your home’s façade as a blank canvas – this is an invitation to let your personal taste come through! Whether it’s a new bold colour you’ve always loved or a fresh coat of crisp black, a new door colour can have a powerful impact on your home’s overall look.

Having hesitations about that beautiful canary yellow, cherry red, or cobalt blue you’ve always thought about putting on your door? Keep in mind that a door that incorporates a lot of glass can keep an intense shade from being overwhelming. The key to working with bold colours is the limit them to elements you really want to stand out, and let the remaining finishes become the supporting act.

Nothing welcomes guests to your home better than a bold, beautiful color on the front door.

Check out these photos of painted front doors!


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