Grey Kitchens

As we all know, grey is continuing to dominate as a neutral hue in home design these days. This colour has the ability to make a space feel warm & cozy or cool & sophisticated depending on what shade of grey you pick. In the past few years, it has also managed to become a prominent colour in kitchen cabinet design. Designers are using tips and tricks to make grey shine into a unconventional colour choice for kitchens that looks absolutely stunning! 

There are two main things you need to know when working with grey in kitchens:

1. Cool greys pair beautifully with warm finishes: wood, greenery, and colours such as red, yellow, or orange.
2. Warm greys look awesome when combined with other neutrals such as white, black, or navy.

Even if grey cabinets are too much for you, there are other ways to incorporate grey into your kitchen – seating, countertops, lighting, and backsplash are all great ways of getting some grey in there! Choose a barstool with grey patterned fabric or a beautiful light grey subway tile! Whether your style leans traditional or modern, these features will always fit in!

Take a look at these beautiful grey kitchens! Are you loving the colour?


- Meghan


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