Black & White Design


How do you decorate with black and white? For any room, the first step is to decide how you want the room to feel. Words like calming, dramatic, sophisticated, classic, chic, and cozy can all be great descriptives. Find inspiration in fabulous fabric or a piece of art. Take cues from high fashion, and go for bold contrast - but the most important thing is that you absolutely must be ready to make a statement or else it will fall flat.

Nothing packs a more powerful interior design punch than this bold color combination. To create a high-impact monochrome scheme that's far from boring or cold, the right lighting is key. Soft, off-white glow adds lovely warmth to this living space. Stylish glass panels, a touch of pretty pattern and reflective mirrored surfaces further liven up the interior.

Using contrasting materials while keeping the colour palette consistent is the perfect way to achieve harmony and depth in your space. A real mix of textures: from black walls, white-painted bricks, wood floors, jute rug and metallic touches to linen, wool and faux-fur finishes, all come together bringing bounds of interest and warmth.

Check out these black and white interior spaces!

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