Christmas Table Settings!



When decorating for the Christmas season many people remember to decorate the Christmas tree, the exterior of your home, the fireplace mantle...but what about the dining room table??


You want your dinner guests to feel transformed with holiday spirit immediately upon entering the dining room! Decorating your holiday dinner table is an amazing way to make the day even more memorable!



If you’re looking to create impact, you can’t beat a striking colour scheme. Silvers and golds create a classic feel, while purples, blues, and black establish more of a modern look. You can’t go wrong with crisp white table linens as they add freshness and pair perfectly with metallic ornamental touches. You can also have fun with Christmas tree bulbs too! Scatter them along the table or hang them from the light fixture above!


Don’t forget that your guests always love to have some fun too! Get some holiday crackers and fun party favours that match your table theme! After all, it’s Christmas!

Which table setting is your favorite?? Comment below!

More Christmas blogs to come!